Walmart offers direct and indirect discounts to its valuable shoppers, online and at the store. If you own a Walmart Credit Card Discount then you can avail of these both direct and indirect discounts on your card. The direct discounts by Walmart mean offers such as a particular discount on a particular material or cashback scheme and the indirect discounts can be availed by using different kinds of coupons, legally issued by Walmart itself, from time to time. You can collect them in order to get a discount using your Walmart Credit card in a particular time period.

If you have gone through our previous articles, then you would have applied for your Walmart Credit Card. After applying for the Credit Card, you need to go to Walmart Credit Card Login. If you have done all this then now you need to pay attention to this article of ours about discounts.

So here we are going to focus on both kinds of Walmart Credit Card discounts, Direct Discounts or cashback system and Discounts through Coupons. So in the procedure let’s discuss both of them one by one.

Walmart Credit Card Discount

Walmart Credit Card Discount or Cash Back System:

Walmart’s time to time provides different kinds of rewards and discounts on your Credit Card. These rewards are in the form of Cashback. Let’s know which kind of rewards you can avail of with your Walmart Credit Card login.

These are the three cashback available on Walmart Credit Cards. Walmart is calling them the ‘3-2-1save program’.

  • 3% cashback on the purchase of online items from the official website of Walmart, This scheme also includes the items and grocery you order online but pick up at the stores.

  • 2% cashback on purchase the Walmart gas stations. This offer is also valid at Murphy USA gas stations.

  • 1% cashback on all the other purchases. This also includes Brick and Mortar Walmart credit  stores.

All these above-mentioned cashback will be given to you in the form of a credit on your next month’s purchase statement. Suppose you have gained the credit of $10 then, this will be automatically received by you on your next month’s statement. Walmart also avails other cashback schemes from time to time or on festive occasions.

Walmart Credit Card Discounts on Coupons:

Walmart discount coupons are also a good option to avail discounts on Walmart superstore. These coupons can also be used with different Walmart services like Walmart clubs, Walmart official website, etc. and different Walmart associates like Murphy gas stations.

After using these coupons, you can enjoy discounts all over the Walmart service. For this, you have to collect these coupons legally issued by Walmart from time to time. So let’s know-how and where to collect Walmart Discount Coupons for greater benefits.

Collection of Walmart Coupons:

The process to collect Walmart discount coupons is very simple if properly followed. The majority of coupon collection conditions depend upon the availability of coupons. These are the main sources to get the Walmart coupons:

  • Contacting customer centers: Directly go to customer centers or call the customer support and ask for coupons.
  • Walmart official website: Visit the and search for discount coupons.
  • From the third party: You can also avail of these discount coupons from any third party such as retailmenot or grouping.


  • Walmart can change its discount and cashback offers anytime even without prior notice.
  • If you don’t have a Walmart Credit Card then apply for it and avail all the direct and indirect discounts, mentioned above.
  • The Walmart coupons are a good source of getting discounts from Walmart, even you don’t shop regularly…