How to Cancel Walmart Credit Card –If you own a Walmart Credit Card and you are not happy with it or facing some kind of problem regarding your card then you might have been thinking to cancel it by your end. Although Walmart Credit Card has its own advantages, you can face some problems regarding its operation. Since everyone has a different view of everything so you might be suffering from your Walmart Credit Card in a different manner.

Cancel Walmart Credit Card – Procedure 

As we all know that Walmart is the largest retail chain on the planet and it always manages high standards in its services. To advance its services Walmart started to issue two types of cards to their valuable shoppers. These cards are Walmart MasterCard and Walmart Credit Card. Walmart provides different kinds of benefits to its cardholders from time to time even on its e-commerce source like Walmart’s official website to Cancel Walmart Credit Card

Hardly few Walmart customers can dislike its Credit card service otherwise every regular customer of Walmart stores or online websites loves it. But it mostly depends on everyone’s interest in Walmart Credit cards. So if you dislike Walmart Credit Card and want to cancel it then here we are providing you with the instructions for the cancellation of Walmart Credit Card. There is four easiest way to cancel your Walmart Credit Card, please take a look at them.

  1. Cancellation by calling customer service Helpline:

These are the instructions to cancel your Walmart Credit Card on a phone call;

  • To cancel Your Walmart Credit Card, very first you have to dial 1 – 877 – 294 – 7888.
  • This is the official customer service support helpline number of Walmart. The customer support is always available 24×7 on all 365 days.
  • You can follow the instructions led by the computer to cancel your Credit card by entering all the information asked by it.
  • If you have any queries regarding the cancellation of your credit card then you can also talk to the ‘Walmart customer service executive’ regarding it by just pressing ‘0’.
  • You can also ask the customer service executive to cancel your Walmart Credit Card, and then they will ask you about some personal information of yours such as name, Walmart account details, etc.
  • After the verification, they will cancel your Walmart Credit Card and let you know all about it.
  1. Cancellation by Sending a Mail:

This is a long shot to Cancel Walmart Credit Card but it’s also the most authentic way to do so. Therefore take a look at the procedure of cancellation of Walmart Credit Card login by mail.

  • To follow this method you have to write a short latter to Walmart Customer Service along with a valid reason to cancel it.
  • Also, don’t forget to mention all your personal information in the latter that you had provided in the application at the time of applying for the Walmart credit card.
  • Also, attach your latest billing statement to the letter for sure.

As soon they will receive your letter, they will verify all your information and details, match it with your application details and then after all verification, they will cancel your Walmart Credit Card. This procedure can take a little bit more time than you expect.

  1. Cancellation at Walmart Stores:

The most reliable way to Cancel Walmart Credit Card is to get canceled it at any Walmart superstore. To do that you simply need to make a visit to any of the nearest Walmart store and ask the Walmart representative present at the counter to cancel your Walmart Credit Card.

They will provide you with an application form. Fill the form with all the correct information and submit it. After verifying all important details, the Walmart representative will cancel your Walmart Credit Card and let you know all about it.

  1. Online Cancellation:

If you don’t want to make all these above – mentioned efforts, then you can also cancel your Walmart Credit Card ‘online’. To avail of this feature you just need to visit the official website of Walmart ( and login to your Walmart Credit Card Account.

After login, follow the instruction provide there to cancel your Credit Card and get it canceled very easily there.


  • If you have a Walmart Credit Card then, we will recommend you not to cancel it. Keep it in your locker because it provides many kinds of advantages to you from time to time such as discounts, cashback, coupon discounts, money-saving and it also comes handy at different Walmart associate outdoors.
  • To prevent accumulating additional charges on your Walmart Credit Card by any other authorized user of your card, collect them all and ask Walmart to cancel them all.
  • Sometimes canceling your Walmart Credit Card or Walmart Master Card may negatively impact your Credit History. It mostly depends on how long you have owned the card.
  • Sometimes the letter verifying that your MasterCard has been canceled will be sent to you, by Walmart Customer Service for your valuable feedback.
  • Sometimes you can receive a phone call regarding Cancel Walmart Credit Card verification and take your valuable feedback.